25 December 2018
First Vietnamese Culture Day held at Kazan University

The festival was co-organized by the Institute of International Relations and Doanket Vietnamese Culture Society on 24th December.

Vietnamese Culture Day comprised singing, short sketches, poetry reading, calligraphy, and cuisine presentation.

Director of the Institute Ramil Khayrutdinov addressed the attendees, “The Institute of International Relations is one of the few centers in Russia where Vietnamese language, culture and civilization are studied. Huge work lies ahead of us, and we will move forward with the help provided by the Vietnamese Culture Society.”

Doanket Society Chairman Dan Danh Lam and its Creative Director Vu Thi Mai Thanh were genuinely surprised by how deeply invested Russian students were in learning Vietnamese poetry and how keen they were to express the specifics of Vietnamese culture. The poetry contest included works about love, parent-child relationships, and war.

There are already four academic groups of students studying Vietnamese, and the number will definitely grow. A large role is played by KFU Vietnamese language teacher Nguyen Hong Ngoc – she supervised the organizing efforts yesterday.


Source text: Alina Iskanderova

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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