21 December 2018
Cooperation agreement signed by Kazan University and Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy Sciences

Rector Ilshat Gafurov informed that KFU plans to hold regular Gromyko Readings.

The Rector spoke about the University's strategy and how it leads to tighter cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences. Indeed, this past year has been a period of breakthrough partnerships between KFU and RAS, including the openings of several joint departments. Now, the University will also take lead in European studies – the main focus of the 1st Gromyko Readings scheduled for October 2019.

Director of the Institute of Europe Aleksey Gromyko noted, “I am glad that we have come to this signing. Compared to you, we have a small team, about 100 people. They are ready to provide all the possible assistance. For instance, we accept students for internships and develop professional associations. The main thing is to be useful to our institutions and the country.”

The two sides announced that a joint research group will be founded to tackle pertinent global issues. Dissertation topics will also be coordinated.

After the meeting, Dr. Gromyko presented a lecture on Russian-British relations at the Institute of International Relations.

Source text: Kamill Gareev

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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