01 ноября 2018
Participation of representative of KFU in EU visitor programme

Professor Rustem Davletgildeev, Deputy Dean on International Activity of the Law Faculty, Doctor of International and European Law, visited Brussels in the framework of EU Visitors Programme in October 2018. 

The programme of the visit was full of activities and very well planned. There were a number of visits to different EU institutions and bodies as European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the EU, European Court of Justice, European External Action Service and European Committee of Regions.

The first meeting was organized in EEAS with Programme organizer Mr. Daniel Denruyter, then during the stay it were held several meetings in EEAS with Mr. John Bogaerts – Deputy Head of the Russia Division and Mr. Adriano Martins – Policy Officer at the Human Rights Division.

It were discussions about External policy of the EU, relations between EU and Russia, EU Human Rights activity.

A special discussion on EU-Russia relations was organized during the meeting with Mr. Martin RUSSEL, Policy Analyst on Russia at the External Policies Unit (Directorate-General of Parliamentary Research Service).

Functioning of the EU institutions and application of the EU Law, judicial Power in the EU.

A general presentation of the regulatory process in the EU and the participation of the Committee of the Regions in it was made by Mr. Klaus Hullmann, Administrator in the Unit D2 for Events in the Directorate for Communication of the ECR.

Internal procedures of the European Parliament were discussed at the meeting with Ms. Sabina SINJEREAN, assistant of the Member of Parliament Mr. Cristian Dan PREDA, Member of the Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats), Vice-Chair of the Subcommittee on Human Rights and Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Particularities of the functioning of the Council of the EU were discussed at the meeting with Ms. Vera KADAS, Political Administrator in the Employment and Social Policy Division, Council of the European Union.

During the stage under EUVP a special trip was organized in European Court of Justice (Luxembourg) where a number of events were realized, including the assistance to the hearing of the case C-647/17 Srf konsulterna, meetings with ECJ judges M.S.Rodin, M.M.Ilesic, GC judge M.M.Prek and Director of Communication M.G. Valasidis.

EU Social Policy and Labour Law.

It was very fruitful meeting with Mr. Piet van Nuffel, Member of cabinet of Commissioner’s Mme Marianne Thyssen and Professor of European Law in Leuven Catholic University. As part of the conversation, the current activities of the European Commission in the field of legal regulation of labour relations were discussed, including new initiatives under European Pillar for Social Rights about proposed Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions in the European Union, proposed Regulation on European Labour Authority, revision of the Directive on Posting workers.

Very interesting was the meeting with MEP Ms Jude JIRTON-DARLING, United Kingdom, Member of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats and Member of the Committee on International Trade and the Delegation to the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee. Ms Jude JIRTON-DARLING presented a trade union approach to the EU social pillar, also the implications of Brexit in EU and UK social policies were discussed.

New tendencies in EU social policy and Parliament activity in this field was subject of discussion at the meeting with Ms. Nora MILOTAY, Policy Analyst for the Economic Policies Unit at the Directorate-General of Parliamentary Research Service.

Participation of the Council of the EU in the EU social dialogue and the nuances of the Council’s legislative process were discussed with Ms. Vera KADAS, Political Administrator in the Employment and Social Policy Division.

Academic mobility.

The discussion about EU educational policy and Bologna process was held during the meeting with Ms. Denise CHIRCOP, Policy Analyst for the Structural Policies Unit (Directorate-General of Parliamentary Research Service).

16 October in Berlaymont – Schuman room an Education and Training Monitor 2018 Launch seminar was assisted with presentation by Commissioner Tibor Navracsics.

Interesting and very useful meeting about new directions of the EU academic mobility incl. future of the Erasmus+ programme was held with Ms. Kamila PARTYKA, Policy Officer for Eastern Partnership countries and Russia in the International Cooperation Unit at the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture.

Migration policy.

Actual trends in EU migration policy were discussed at the meeting with Ms Patricia WOLFOVA, Head of Sector for the Policy Coordination Unit for the Directorate-General of Migration and Home Affairs.

Migration of third country nationals, and Irregular Migration  was discussed at the meeting with Ms. Joana APAP, Policy Analysts, specialists in the field of Migration and Human Rights (Directorate-General of Parliamentary Research Service).

Free movement of people and EU Asylum Law were subject of the meeting with Ms. Anja RADJENOVIC, Policy Analyst for the Citizen's Policy Unit (Fundamental Rights) of the Directorate-General of EPRS (European Parliamentary Research Service).

Defence Policy of the EU.

New tendencies in EU Defence policy incl. PESCO initiatives were discussed at the meeting with Ms Elena LAZAROU, Policy Analyst, specialist on Security and Defence (Directorate-General of Parliamentary Research Service)

The participation in EUVP was very useful in regard to establishing personal contacts with colleagues from different EU institutions and other bodies in the fields of labour law and social policy, education and science, migration policy, external relations and others.