14 September 2018
Results of the internship of students from Japan in LIRS

Students of Kanazawa University (Japan) completed their internship at the Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic Systems (LIRS) of the Higher Institute of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems (ITIS ). During the internship, students from Japan performed various tasks related to the use of the robotic operating system ROS. At the end of the internship, the students successfully made a presentation, showing the results of scientific work they have done during the internship.

Tetsuto Takano, a student of the Department of Electronic Information Sciences of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Kanazawa University: "The internship was very informative and interesting for me, thanks to LIRS I learned a lot not only about working with robots, but also about the Russian life and culture. I will be happy to return to Kazan again. Thanks LIRS for their help!"

Shohei Muto, a student of the Department of Mechanical Engineering: "The tasks of LIRS were quite difficult for me, because I did not have experience in writing programs before, but at the same time they were interesting and useful. Kazan impressed me; it is a very beautiful city with good and friendly people. Thanks to the laboratory staff for help! "

Source of information: Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic Systems