14 June 2018
Grant funding to be allocated to research of robot surgeons

The project's official title is “Control systems for robotized laparoscopy instruments for autonomous tissue stitching.”

Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Government of Tatarstan will co-finance the winning proposal by the Intelligent Robotic Systems Lab.

Intelligent robotic surgeons are very important for further robust development of medical help, especially in Russia, where a lack of qualified surgeons becomes more and more pertinent for small cities and remote rural districts.

Automation of stitching procedures is one of the current research directions in laparoscopic robotics. It can help surgeons get rid of monotonous tasks which require special precision and agility.

Junior Research Associate and project head Artur Sagitov explains, “We will develop and verify the first prototype of autonomous controls for stitching in dynamic circumstances and with different types of tissues. There will be models for deformable tissues, different stitch shapes, and manipulator movement planning. The integration of stereo cameras and force/moment sensors allows for more precise detection of tissue type in machine learning.”

Source text: Tatyana Tsoy

Translation: Yury Nurmeev

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