13 April 2018
Rector Ilshat Gafurov met with young social media personalities

Young people who currently study or have studied at KFU were invited for a talk on 12th April.

While greeting the guests, Dr. Gafurov said, “The University is always changing, and we say that the only constant thing here is change. With your help, I want to understand what air you breathe today, what’s interesting to you, and how do you find response from your audience.”

Each of the invitees shared a story. Someone ended up at the University because of family traditions, someone fell in love with the gorgeous city, and others were attracted by KFU’s rich history of scientific endeavors.

Alisa Manyonok, ex-volleyball player and current fashion model, came from Vladivostok. She shared that she had already brought several people to Kazan by telling the stories of her life here.

The Rector noted that the University is very interested in talented enrollees who can make practical use of their capabilities, “You all have a common trait – you have already capitalized on your skills and interests, and then can monetize it. I am glad if the University has played a role in giving you a head start.”

Indeed, the bloggers' favorite topics often stem from their studies. Leyla Leron has a page in Tatar language where she posts short stories; Irina Mikhaylova writes about chemistry; Abror Abdullaev graduated with a degree in service management and plans to become a business coach.

Having tens of thousands of subscribers, the guests had some advice for the University’s social media team. For instance, they recommended the Rector to post more Instagram Stories. He holds their initiatives in high esteem, “You are a new force in media. We value your direct feedback, both in your praise or criticism regarding KFU, because it comes from personal experience.”

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