07 April 2017
Cooperation Agreement Signed with Industrial University of Santander

Kazan University intends to share expertise in heavy oils with Colombian colleagues.

The 6th meeting of the Russian-Colombian Commission on Trade, Economic and Scientific Cooperation wrapped up at Bogota. The Russian delegation comprised officials, businesspersons, and academics. KFU was represented by Vice-Rector for Research Danis Nurgaliev and Head of SAU EcoOil Mikhail Varfolomeev. The agreement between KFU and IUS was signed on April 4th, and soon Colombian Petroleum Institute will join in.

Dr. Varfolomeev commented on the matter, «Colombia is very interested in our technology and competences in extraction and transportation of heavy oils, in-situ combustion, and catalysts for in-situ refining. These technologies can be of significant economic effect for Colombian companies».

Colombia is not the only country with which Kazan University plans to establish fruitful links – the others are Venezuela and Cuba. The University is now a participant of the National Committee for Cooperation with Latin American Countries and will facilitate knowledge transfer to the partners across the Atlantic Ocean.

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