13 January 2017
FIFA Legacy Programme Calls for Applications

Take your chance to participate in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia? through the FIFA Legacy Programme at Kazan Federal University.

The four positions that will be available are:

FBST Venue Assistant

Venue Information Assistant

Commentary Assistant

Assistant Venue Technical Manager/IT

Before becoming a part of the team each student will have to apply through web interface and attend a general presentation of the Programme followed by a recruitment interview, participate in a 1 to 3 day training workshop and pass the final interview. The workshops will teach the students about the basics of broadcasting, event organization, working in an international environment and, where necessary, the details or skills required to fulfil their duties.

Please regularly check the University's website for the updates.

If you have any questions regarding FIFA Legacy Programme, please contact:

Evgeniya VIDYAYKINA / Legacy Coordinator


Please be aware that one shall not use trademarks, logos, and other means of identification belonging to HBS or FIFA or any other intellectual property of HBS or FIFA that have international protection or are protected by the laws of the Russian Federation.

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