16 November 2016
Kazan University Delegation Visited Shenzhen University

The KFU team stayed in Shenzhen from November 1st to 9th and signed two agreements.

Kazanites toured SZU's labs and facilities and visited ZTE and Huawei, two major industrial partners of the university. The Chinese hosts were familiarized with KFU’s Institute of Computational Mathematics and IT and Institute of IT and Information Systems. Director of ICMIT Sergey Mosin and Chair of the Department of Mathematical Statistics Yekaterina Turilova both presented their current work to the PhD candidates of the SZU College of Information Engineering.

KFU ICMIT and SZU CIE then signed a cooperation agreement. Among the plans are a joint masters’ program in data science, a dual PhD program, and regular conferences and research collaborations. The first batch of postgraduates will arrive to Kazan very soon, before the end of 2016. Russian students will go to China in 2017.

Deputy Director of the Instiute of ITIS Marat Nasrutdinov, who was also a part of the delegation, shared his impressions, “We accepted a SZU professor’s invitation. The university develops rapidly. We have many mutual interests in applied research, for example, in visualization and Big Data. We at ITIS also work on an exchange program akin to the one that was just signed by KFU ICMIT and SZU CIE”.

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