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PSL Research University Paris (https://www.univ-psl.fr/en) and the Program Global Studies offer two doctoral fellowships, to start in 2016-7. Candidates can be from every field in the humanities and social sciences. Their projects must express a clear global topic and analysis related to the main axes of the program (hereafter).

Global studies is an international program lead at PSL Research University Paris a community of 25 Parisian Universities, Research Centers and Institutes among which the Collège de France, ENS, EPHE, EHESS, EFEO, Paris Dauphine, Mines ParisTech, CNRS).  Complete list here:


Global studies stimulates ways of thinking about humanities and social sciences and their methodologies in new ways, across conventional boundaries. It acknowledges a broad variety of different perspectives and aims to explore non-Eurocentric or multi-centric views of the global past and present.

Global studies includes both research and teaching in all fields in the humanities and social sciences; it recasts global studies as a global enterprise, creating a space for graduate students to formulate ideas and refine research strategies collaboratively across institutional boundaries and national traditions.

Global studies associates an international board made of scholars from Princeton, Columbia, Harvard, Oxford, SOAS, London, Humboldt,  the University of Tokyo (Todai), the German Historical Institute in Paris, Delhi University, Dakar University, the Graduate Institute, Geneva, the Institute of Human Science, Wien, the City University of New York, the University of Michigan.

Selected students will formally prepare their PhD at PSL in one of the members Universities and Institutes and will receive a PhD entitled 'Doctorat PSL (PSL PhD) prepared at xxxx University (the name of the institution belonging to PSL) at which they prepared their PhD'.

All PSL PhD candidates, regardless of their home institution, have access to the full scope of PSL services (student and campus services, events, sports, culture, etc).

To this aim, candidates must identify a potential supervisor in one of the institutions members of PSL, contact her/him for potential agreement to accept to supervise in case of successful candidature.

List of the Institutions: https://www.univ-psl.fr/en/main-menu-pages/3801

(then click on the web site of the selected one to identify professors and scholars).

Priority will be given to students with a master degree from outside France and from the “Global South” in particular.

Students are required to have a good level in both English and French (written, spoken).


Applications include:

Applications must be sent to


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