07 April 2016
Educational Programs Presented at Global Engineering Week in India

The event was held by Chitkara University.

Lecturers from five countries (Australia, Germany, Russia, Finland, and the UK) were invited. Russia was represented by ITMO University and Kazan Federal University.

Sergey Mosin, Director of the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Informatics, and Farid Ablayev, Chair of the Department of Theoretical Cybernetics, acted as ambassadors of engineering education at Kazan University. Their respective courses were dedicated to the automation of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits (Dr. Mosin) and quantum cryptography (Dr. Ablayev).

Each program included 20 hours of lectures and a final test. Chitkara students showed much interest in both topics. They were also familiarized with Kazan University in general after the educational activities had wrapped up.

All the invited academics gave recommendations concerning the improvement of engineering education at Chitkara.

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Sanjeev Sahni 07.01.17, 12:52
Sheer illustration of perfect Global blended learning & collaborated teaching, congratulations...