20 August 2015
The High school ITIS KFU on the first place in the Russian Federation on direction 'Applied Informatics'

Higher school ITIS KFU came in first place in the Russian Federation on direction "Applied Informatics"

As a result of the admission campaign 2015, Graduate School of ITIS KFU improve reception and got the first position among the IT universities in direction "Applied Computer Science". 

In 2015, the average pass rate for the exam in one subject among matriculants of ITIS KFU was 86.34 (2.64 Data 2014). For comparison, the average score credited to the budget places in the KFU was 76.22, at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow) 85.7.

Higher school ITIS - Innovation  department of KFU, wich specialized in training in the field of "Applied Informatics" and promotes grant approach - "learning by practicing the job of industrial production."

The results of the admission campaign 2015 Graduate School of ITIS KFU (see. Table) are comparable with leading IT universities in Russia, and in some cases exceed them. The leader was the NRU "Higher School of Economics", which successfully operates Faculty of Computer Science, created together with Yandex (see. Table "Results for Applicants IT universities in Russia").

So, the Graduate School of ITIS KFU became the second of the most popular institutions in the country among students with high exam scores and the first - in "Applied Computer Science".

* Figures are based on open source universities in the country in the direction of "Applied Informatics" (August 19, 2015)

** Data on the results of the reception of MSU-2015 is not in the public domain

Source of information: Sabina Sakaeva