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Welcome to the Institute for the Comparative Studies of Modernity

The Institute’s objection and activities

Institute for the Comparative Studies of Modernity at the Kazan Federal University is a centre of excellence in the social sciences. Its objection is to bring new perspectives to bear on the processes of modernization in Tatarstan, the Russian Federation beyond. It consists of a team of internationally trained researchers, a research programme focussed on comparative studies of modernity, and active participation in the worldwide network of scholars who seek to advance the understanding of contemporary social and cultural developments in post-Soviet space. It was established at 2011.

The Institute’s activities include fundamental and applied research and publication, dissemination through conferences and journals, support for visiting researchers, and research capacity building through a Master’s course and other forms of training.

The Institute is a participant in the institutional strategy of the Kazan Federal University, which is the second oldest university in the Russian Federation and internationally known centre of academic excellence; it is listed among the 5 best institutes of higher education in the country and is included in Times Higher Education 600 Best World Universities rating. The Institute aspires to be a leading innovation centre for Russia, producing knowledge able to compete (‘competitive knowledge’) at the highest levels in the field of social sciences nationally and internationally.

The Institute’s mission

The Institute’s mission includes the development state-of-the art interdisciplinary social and cultural research aiming at studying various dimensions of the modern society on the West, on the East, in Russia and Tatarstan. The work of the interdisciplinary Institute’s team is the critical response for the most burning and relevant social problems and is generated the demand for the research from the different social agents including government, society and business.

What does make the Institute unique?

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