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Marat Safiullin

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News and announcements

07 April 2018 Supervisory Board approves changes in University's roadmap
The Board's 40th meeting was held at the Institute of Engineering on 6th April.
08 February 2018 Center for Business Education Opened Doors
Two floors of renovated classrooms are located at the Institute of Management, Economics and Finance.
02 December 2017 Fourth Meeting of the KFU International Scientific Council
Experts weighed in on the development of the University and its strategic academic units.
28 September 2017 ARWU Experts Gave Tips on KFU's Advancement in Their Rankings
Company representatives Jingwen MU and Renee ZHU held a presentation and a Q&A session on September 28th.
31 May 2017 Uber and Kazan University Name Saint-Petersburg the Most 'Taxi-Abundant' City in Russia
The two parties sampled 1,600 Uber users in Russia's five biggest cities – Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, and Yekaterinburg.
30 March 2017 British Petroleum Names Grant Winners
BP representatives arrived to Kazan University on March 30th to hold the award ceremony.
25 November 2016 Postgraduates Now Have the Opportunity to Intern at British Petroleum
Fifth BP scholarship awards were held at Kazan University on November 24th.
08 November 2016 IMF Representative in Russia Gabriel Di Bella Visiting Kazan University
Mr. Di Bella's visit includes meetings with the government, students and faculty on November 7th – 8th.
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