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Linar Latypov

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News and announcements

28 January 2020 Rector of Mohammed V University Abu Dhabi visited Kazan University
Rector Farouk Mahmoud Hamad and his aide Rashid Al Minkhali arrived on Friday, 25th January.
18 November 2019 3rd Mosaic of Nations Festival
A traditional gala by international students was held on 15th November.
08 November 2019 Memorandum of understanding signed with Varna Free University
Rectors of the two universities Ilshat Gafurov and Krasimir Nedyalkov talked on 7th November.
20 September 2019 Agreement signed by Kazan Federal University and Chengdu Weiming Beida Middle School
A delegation of Beijing Tianfu International Education Consulting Company visited on 19th September.
27 August 2019 Memorandum of understanding signed with Pangasinan State University
The delegation on 26th August was headed by Commissioner of the Office of the President of the Philippines Perfecto Alibin.