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Linar Latypov

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News and announcements

24 May 2018 Delegation of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
A meeting with Vice-Rector Linar Latypov was held on 24th May.
15 May 2018 Bust of Gamal Abdel Nasser unveiled at Kazan University
The event coincided with the 100th anniversary of the politician's birth.
11 May 2018 Framework agreement signed with University of Tehran
A delegation of educational executives and diplomats visited KFU on 10th May.
26 April 2018 Visit by Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Woo Yoon-geun
The Ambassador and his team met with Vice-Rector Linar Latypov and KFU employees.
21 April 2018 Visit by Ambassador of Egypt Ihab Nasr
The Ambassador talked with Egyptian students and KFU executives on 20th April.
23 March 2018 Visit by Embassy of Uganda
Ambassador Johnson Agara Olwa and his colleagues, Henry Sanyu and Susan Okodi, met with Vice-Rector Linar Latypov on 22nd March.
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