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News and announcements

03 November 2020 Memorandum of cooperation signed with Yantai University
The document was signed on 2 November during the Kazan-Yantai 2020 Technological Innovation Dialogue.
03 November 2020 Coordinating council on digital transformation to be established at KFU
The decision was announced by Rector Ilshat Gafurov during a morning briefing on 2 November.
02 November 2019 Over 700 people attended KFU's Popular Science Road Show in Almetyevsk, Tatarstan
The event was held at Quantorium, a kids' educational center, on 1st November.
23 May 2019 Kazan University to work on technological solutions for Huawei
The company has launched its Innovation and Research Program 2019.
01 May 2019 Fifth Student Victory March gather over 5 thousand people
The traditional ceremony occupied the length of Kremlin Street on 30th April.
09 November 2018 3rd International Conference 'Human Psychology of States: Pertinent Theoretical and Applied Problems'
The conference is being held by the Institute of Psychology and Education on 8th – 10th November.