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Andrey Kiyasov

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News and announcements

17 November 2020 Vice-Rector for Biomedicine Andrey Kiyasov: 'The virus doesn't need to mutate'
A week-long PRO Science marathon started with Dr. Kiyasov's interview for UNIVER TV.
30 July 2020 Center for Rare Feline Research to be established with Kazan University's participation
Vice-Rector for Biomedicine Andrey Kiyasov presented the initiative during a morning briefing on 30th July.
29 June 2020 Healthcare and petroleum industry projects proposed by Kazan University at a board meeting of TNKI Holding
On 29th June, President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and Prime Minister of Tatarstan Aleksey Pesoshin held a regular meeting of the Board.
09 April 2020 Andrey Kiyasov: 'Kazan University will have a COVID vaccine prototype in May'
Vice-Rector for Biomedicine, Director of the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology gave comments to a local online news portal.
29 July 2019 University Clinic's gynecology ward opened after major renovation
Employees and journalists were invited to visit in the morning of 29th July.