English - taught  programs

Bachelor Degree

1) 38.03.02 Management: Economics.International Business

Specialist  Diploma (accreditation- page 26)

1) 31.05.01 General medicine 

In 2014 Kazan Federal University Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology has joined the World Directory of Medical Schools and got accreditation by the World Health Organization.  

Master Degree

1) 01.04.01 Mathematics (Algebra) - Study Plan (List of disciplines)

2) 05.04.01 Geology (Stratigraphy of Oil and Gas Basins) - Study Plan (list of disciplines)

3) 05.04.01 Geology (Complex Data Analysis in Petroleum Geology) - Study Plan (list of disciplines)

4) 21.04.01 Petroleum Engineering - Study Plan (list of disciplines)

5) 38.04.02 Management: General and Strategic management* - Study Plan (list of disciplines)

6) 40.04.01 European and International Business Law - Study Plan (list of disciplines)

7) 41.04.05 International relations (Digital Diplomacy) - Study Plan (list of disciplines)

*The interdisciplinary Master's program with Justus-Liebig University Giessen, Germany.