The Leo Tolstoy Higher School of Russian and Foreign Philology trains philologists and teachers of the Russian language and literature, Slavic studies, the English language and literature, the German language and literature, the French language and literature, the Spanish language and literature and translation studies. The high level of training in philology, scientific research, psychology and pedagogics provided at Higher School provides wide opportunities for its graduates to fulfil their potential in education, humanities and social studies as well as in cultural, educational and creative career fields.

The academic staff members of the Leo Tolstoy Higher School of Russian and Foreign Philology are members of the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRYAL), the Europhras - the European Society of Phraseology, Written Heritage - the International Cultural and Scientific Society, the European Association for American Studies (EAAS), the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE), the European Association for Language Testing and Assessment (EALTA), the Russian Society of American Culture Studies and other international associations and societies. Native speakers are also actively involved in the educational process. International internships available for the students also provide them with the opportunity to improve their language skills in a native speaking environment and enable them to get an insight into the culture of the languages they study.

The academic staff members of the Higher School carry out advanced research in computer and corpus linguistics, neurolinguistics, paleoslavistics, American studies, German studies, Spanish studies, applied and experimental phonetics. They take part in international grant projects, organize large international conferences, deliver the dual degree program with the New Sorbonne University - Paris III (France), etc. The Leo Tolstoy Higher School of Russian and Foreign Philology invests considerable efforts into the development of clinical linguistics. As part of this effort the linguists of the Higher School get involved into the operations of the medical station of the Kazan Federal University where they study speech disorders and linguistic aspects of algologie and alexithymia. As part of the English literature studies the Higher School actively cooperates with the Oxford Russia Fund, which is a joint project of the Higher School with Oxford University (UK) and Perm State University. Modern Russian and German Drama and Theatre is another project of Higher School delivered in cooperation with the University of Giessen (Germany).

The Higher School alumni network includes Anna Russ, the winner of the 2002 Debut Literature Prize, Denis Osokin, a writer and s­cript writer (the winner of the 2010 Nika Award for the Best Screenplay), Artem Skvortsov, Doctor of Philology, Assistant Professor, a winner of the Russian and Italian Prize Bella (established in memory of Bella Akhmadulina) and many other outstanding people.

Head of the Higher School — Doctor (Philological Sciences), Associate Professor Tarasova Fanuza Harisovna

Dean's office:

tel. + 7 (843) 293-94-42


The Department of Russian and World Literature

The Department of Applied and Experimental Linguistics

The Department of Romance and Germanic Philology

The Department of Theory and Practice of Teaching Foreign Languages

The Department of Russian language and its teaching methods