Englishvision 2019. We are all actors in our life

А Foreign Students Festival

Buddy programme 2018

The theatre of life

In today's world, our lives seem to have become busier than ever. It is not a coincidence that the popularity of companies who provide fast services has risen drastically in the past decade. People can now buy food from their cars, receive deliveries straight to their doorstep, and even watch movies from the comfort of their own home. Everyone is just too busy all the time to go out. If it's because of work, well then that's good for the economy. If it's because of school work, well then that's good for the students' grades. Whatever the case, there is no denying the fact that life is also to be enjoyed. While work and school are considered to be “obligations”, I think that “social work” should also be considered an obligation, especially in today's “antisocial” society. I, for example, have noticed that going out with my roommates a few days ago, has been a very liberating experience.

While we have always chatted on social media, it is very rare that my roommates and I decide to go out somewhere all together. Not only is it difficult to find the initiative to do something like this, but it is as hard to get everyone to free their busy evenings just to hang out and see each other. We always tell each other how we should hang out sometimes, and that we will soon find the time to do it. But then we never get to it. Our promises are not fulfilled because of our obligations at school, which we were always taught were the most important.

Somehow, this time was different, and we ended up going to a theatre. To be honest, it was even a bit weird for me. I haven't been out with such a big group since my high school days. Although it was a bit awkward at first, I got the hang of it, and we all ended up enjoying each other's presence. Being able to laugh and mourn together throughout the theatrical performance was an amazing experience which I have never felt in my life.
The presentation itself was marvelous as well.

The show “Very Simple Story” is about the daily life of the two villager families. The daughter of a peasant finds out that she is pregnant from the poor neighbor's boy. Despite the fact that the boy and the girl love each other, the girl's father insists on abortion but then the animals from the barnyard intervene. They are saving the girl from moral offenses. The farm animals themselves saw that what was happening was very bizarre, and that it must be stopped. The relationships between these people did not seem right to the animals. This story also tells us about the spiritual bitterness of people's righteous ways. In addition, to people the actors and animals are amazing, and even the angels have the highest and brightest human feelings: love, mercy, loyalty and kindness. 

In my opinion, this is a very instructive story about how people function and that there is something good in every person. Indeed, and even for the revival of all this in the human souls we will have someone to suffer  to give his life, but the world will be cleaner and brighter.

Source of information: Davidyan K., Sheinina D.P.