Your attention is given to methodical recommendations on a special physical practice.

Within the framework of the Laboratory for a special physical practice, there are:

Head. laboratory - assoc. Romanova Irina Vladimirovna

Engineer in the laboratory № 603 - Semakin Alexey Sergeevich


a record for laboratory work is carried out through the student's private office.

Des­criptions of laboratory works:

Des­cription of diffractometer of brand LD Didactic

№ 521. Nuclear magnetic resonance

№ 522. Resonance absorption in the passive RF oscillator circuit

№ 523. Electronic paramagnetic in the compound

№ 531. Hight temperature superconductivity

№ 541. Bragg reflection: determination of the lattice constant of a single crystals (Cu, Mo anode)

№ 542. Determination of the lattice constant of the cubic symmetry system by the Debye-Scherer method (powder)

№ 543. Comparative analysis of the spectrum from exposure time

№ 551. Investigation of the chemical composition of alloys

№ 561. Fluorescence of a luminescent screen due to exposure to X-rays

№ 562. Investigation of X-ray attenuation as a function of the absorbent substance

№ 563. Investigation of x-ray attenuation as a function of the thickness of the absorbent substance

№ 571. Determination of the short-wave boundary of bremsstrahlung and the Planck constant

№ 572. The Moseley law and the definition of the Rydberg constant

№ 581 X-ray computed tomography

Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies

Immersion photometer

Extraction of Soxlet from leaves

Determination of the enthalpy of a solution of salts

Conductometric titration of a solution of lactic acid with pH measurement