Research and Educational Centre for Human Rights, International Law and Problems of Integration (HRILPI) was created by the Faculty of Law, decision of the Academic Council KFU of 12 November, 2015.
         The purpose of the Research and Educational Centre is to combine the efforts of the Faculty of Law and other structural units of the Kazan Federal University on scientific research, the provision of additional vocational training, provision of expertise and consultancy services in the field of international public and private law, integration law, including the right to the Eurasian Economic Union, the law of the European Union as well as in the field of international and domestic human rights protection.

          Research and Education Centre serves as:

        - Resource Centre of the Master programme for International Law provided by the Tempus project "Creating a Master in International Law and Policy Program at the University of Kazan" under the "Tempus" (2001-2004);
          - Resource Center of the Master programme "International Protection of Human Rights" implemented by a consortium of Russian universities under the auspices of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights at the Faculty of Law;
         - A platform for the implementation of the grant Agreement under the Jean Monnet activities within the Erasmus + programme on the establishment and activity of the Volga International Centre of Excellence in European Studies - VOICES +.