A.S.Buldayev. Nonlocal improvement of controls in dynamical systems quadratic with respect to state
R.Gabasov and F.M.Kirillova. Problem of synthesis of optimal systems
A.I.Golikov and Yu.G.Yevtushenko. Application of theorems on alternatives to determination of normal solutions of linear systems
V.A.Dykhta and N.V.Derenko. Numerical methods for solving problems of optimal impulse control, based on variational maximum principle
Ya.I.Zabotin and A.A.Andrianova. Algorithms in the method of centers with approximation of the set of admissible solutions
I.V.Konnov. Combined relaxation method for generalized variational inequalities
V.A.Srochko and N.V.Mamonova. Iteration procedures for solving problems of optimal control on the basis of quasigradient approximations
V.A.Terletskii. Generalized solution of multidimensional semilinear hyperbolic systems
A.G.Chentsov On duality of different versions of the method of programmed iterations

Index to volume 45, 2001