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Olga Basheva (Usacheva)

Dr. Olga Basheva (Usacheva) is the Lab's researcher, Research Fellow of the Federal Research Sociological Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Member of the Council of Young Scientists of the Institute of Sociology of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Research interests include: environmental sociology, socio-ecological rehabilitation processes, collective actions, networks of non-governmental organizations and social movements, social capital, volunteering, media research, social networks and media. The topic of the candidate dissertation on specialty 22.00.04 «Social structure, social institutions and processes» is «The activity of Environmental Non-profit Organizations in Russia and the EU Countries: a Comparative Analysis».

Since 2007 Olga Usacheva has participated in more than 10 Russian research projects, including studies on grants of the Russian State Fund for the Humanities and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research: «Sociology of critical states of urban systems: theory and practice» (RFH, 2015-2017), «Complex research and the compiling interdisciplinary model of socio-ecological metabolism of modern Russian city» (RFBR, 2015-2017), «Social solidarity as a condition of society transformations: Theoretical foundations, Russian specificity, socio-biological and socio-psychological aspects» (RFBR, 2011-13), «Ecological disasters: theory and practice of complex rehabilitation of regional disturbed sociobiotechnical systems» (RFH, 2011-13), «Communicative space and social perspective of a small Russian city» (RFBR, 2009-2011), «Russian environmental networks: structure, functions, human capital» (RFBR, 2009-2010). Also in 2011-2012 she took part in «Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC)».

She conducted a course on the theory of collective action at the State Academic University for Humanities, as well as a number of seminars on the work of scientists in professional social networks.

She is the author of 40 publications in Russian and English, including 24 articles in journals and digests included in Russian Science Citation Index database, and 3 articles in journals included in the list of Higher Attestation Commission and international citation bases Scopus and Web Of Science.
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E-mail: OlgaAUsacheva@yandex.ru