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The University is

the pride of Kazan,

and its walls

until now


the most loving memory

of its truly great citizen.


These words of the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky could belong to many outstanding alumni of Kazan University who glorified Alma Mater in Russia and the world: mathematician Nikolay Lobachevsky, chemists Alexander Butlerov and Nikolay Zinin, writers Leo Tolstoy, Velimir Khlebnikov and Sergey Aksakov, physicists Semyon Altshuler and Yevgeny Zavoisky, astronomer Ivan Simonov, biochemist Vladimir Engelhardt.

Being one of the oldest universities in the country, Kazan Federal University, established the merger of Kazan State University, Tatar State University for Humanities and Education, Kazan State Institute of Finance and Economics, and Elabuga State Pedagogical University, has brought up a remarkable cast of alumni who make a significant contribution to the development of Tatarstan and Russia in industry, politics, science, arts, and sports.

For many years Kazan Federal University has been training specialists for foreign countries. Today our alumni live and work in the USA, Israel, Germany, France, Cuba, Australia, China, Mongolia, Finland, Singapore, Czech Republic, Ukraine and many other countries.

Wherever our alumni work and live, they form a unified community, and new people join this community every year. They all proudly bear the title of Kazan University alumni.