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Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry

Department of Organic Chemistry

Master degree program

Cheminformatics and Molecular Modelling

Information about program

Chemoinformatics is a focus area of theoretical chemistry at the interface of chemistry, computer science, biology, pharmacology, physics and mathematical statistics, which requires information retrieval from an array of experimental data. Molecular modelling is a collective term for methods for studying the structure and properties of molecules by computational methods followed by visualizing the results, providing a three-dimensional representation at the given conditions of calculation.

Kazan University is one of three universities in the world-training specialists in the field of molecular modelling and chemoinformatics along with the University of Strasbourg (France) and the University of Indiana (United States).

Academic staff

To implement the master's program Chemoinformatics and molecular modeling, the Department of Organic Chemistry has highly qualified staff: 7 Doctors, 10 PhD. The direct management of the masters is carried out by professors, associate professors and teachers of the Department of Organic Chemistry.

Scientific co-management by master's projects is carried out by the employees of profile institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, other universities, research departments of industrial and research-and-production enterprises, as well as by employees of the chemoinformatics laboratory of the University of Strasbourg.

Career opportunities

Successful graduates of this programme can find work in the Research & Development departments of the enterprises of the pharmacological, oil and chemical industries, IT companies developing new software products for molecular modeling and chemoinformatics, as well as in academic institutes engaged in the development of new, practically useful substances, in In particular, at present there are opportunities for postgraduate study at KFU, University of Strasbourg (France), University of North Carolina (USA), Prices Tra Helmholtz in Munich (Germany), the list is updated annually. Cooperation with BIOCAD opens up opportunities for them to practice and prospects for subsequent employment.


University of Strasbourg, France, University of North Carolina (USA), Prices Tra Helmholtz in Munich (Germany).

The learning outcomes of Master`s program are:

  1. Ability of students to work independently in cheminformatics field who have knowledge of chemistry, of computer science, of mathematics and biology, of molecular modeling using different methods, of creation and administration of databases (including chemicals).
  2. Deep knowledge in the field of cheminformatics.
  3. Students' active participating in research projects. By the end of the Master's program graduates are able to design and perform PhD research projects.

General courses

Special courses



Those graduates already holding a Bachelor's degree can apply for admission to Master's degree programs.

  1. Applicants must have a qualification/degree corresponding to a 4-year educational program of higher education.
  2. If English is not the student's native language, then his/her TOEFL examination results (or equivalent) will be no less than 80 for an on-line test, or no less than 5,5 for IELTS. Training within the Program will be given in English and Russian.
  3. Interview

Additional information

Training masters in Chemoinformatics and Molecular Modeling can be implemented with two possible options: a single or double degree program. The double degree program is completed jointly with the University of Strasbourg, France. Students study one year at the Chair of organic chemistry at KFU, and the second year – at the University of Strasbourg. After completion of the program, students receive diplomas from both universities.

Credit hours: 120 ECTS (124 with electives)

Assessment methodologies used: please contact the head of the programme for this information

Duration of the program: 2 years

Deadlines for admission: three months before program start date

Contact information: ​Timur.Madzhidov@kpfu.ru, +7 843 233 73 71