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Cultural and historic virtual reconstructions: 

 Bolgar XIV

 Bolgar XIV is a virtual museum with elements of a training game  that allows a player to visit the  ancient city of Bolgar, soak in  authentic medieval atmosphere and get info on historic cultural  sites. 

  Kazan Panorama

  Kazan Panorama is an interactive museum of the city of Kazan,  which makes it possible to  get acquainted with ancient Kazan,  learn about the history of the city and get info on historic    cultural events/sites. 

    Chudov and Voznesensky monasteries in Moscow Kremlin

  Using virtual reality you can walk through Chudov and  Voznesensky monasteries. Navigation    is   implemented with  Microsoft Kinect, 3D content is performed by Vizerra studio.



   Imenkovo VII

  Cultural and historic reconstruction of Imenkovo settlement of  the 7th century near the town of   Tetyushi based on  archaeological dig. 


Virtual simulators: 

  Virtual biotechnology laboratory

  Demo procedure of the blood test on lupus erythematosus in  the virtual biotechnology lab.


  Mauritania for Kamaz-Dakar attraction

  For the car simulator “Kamaz-Dakar” created by company Eidos,  there was developed the    game level on Mauritania with  artificial intelligence elements. 

Solutions for Medicine: 

  Virtual surgery prototype through the virtual reality headset  Oculus Rift.

Rehabilitation Games:


 Games are aimed at  schoolchildren testing, training  precise  motions combinations,  rehabilitation of locomotor  functions  and vestibular  disorders.

Cosmonaut – The game for rehabilitation of locomotor functions and vestibular disorders.

Room – The game for motor and cognitive rehabilitation.

Coach – The game for certain exercise repetitions.

Skier – The game for training accurate motion combinations and vestibular disorders. 

AR / VR:

   VR Lookout

  Demo version of the project Lookout. You can feel magnificence  of the mountains and spiritual  freedom. Experience the magic  of virtual reality. 

   Augmented Music Simulator

   Virtual Music Band in Augmented Reality with “marker” cards.


Virtual tour


   Virtual tour of innovative  KFU labs.



 Trailer of the game Roupe having been developed for 48 hours  at the international hackathon  Indie Speed Run.


  Тrailer of the game SHAPEPUUDEN developed by the students  of the Digital Media Lab during   2 weeks of their summer  practical training. 

Work with graphic packages and geographical information systems: 


 Oil deposit visualization with the use of high performance  graphic package (Paraview) and grid  computing. 



Development of the monument condition analysis and monitoring automated system with the use of ArcGIS.


Source of information: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChuYGnMQZOiNjVlM1noYGdA