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Lab Equipment

EPS-A Apparatus for  the electrical characteristics study

Designed to measure the resistance of partially or fully saturated core samples under atmospheric conditions. The system measures the resistance of the rock at various frequencies and saline resistance. The design of the measuring cell allows the use of a two- or four-electrode scheme. 

Apparatus for  the core saturating «Napor»

Designed to saturate a core samples with distilled water, salt solutions, formation fluids or kerosene. Method for determining of liquid saturation in porous media", and enables automatic saturation of the core samples with a diameter of 100 mm and pressures up to 120 bar..

Machine for polishing end faces of the core samples "Storm"

Table machine designed for accurate, high-grinding end faces a core sample of different diameter to achieve flat and smooth surface of end faces, and also allows samples to obtain correct cylindrical shape with minimal deviations perpendicular to the end faces at of the core axis and parallel relative to each other.

Измеритель магнитной восприимчивости Bartington MS2 Magnetic Susceptibility Meter

This versatile system comprises a meter with a fully interchangeable suite of sensors for providing high resolution magnetic susceptibility readings of a range of samples including soils, rocks, powders and liquids. Magnetic susceptibility measurements provide important information about the composition and properties of materials.

The sensors require no adjustments to interoperate and lend themselves to a broad range of applications in the field and laboratory.

Ручной измеритель проводимости и магнитной восприимчивости GDP MPP-EM2S+

MPP-EM2S+ The MPP probe measure the magnetic susceptibility (10-6 SI) as well as the relative and absolute EM conductivity (MHOS/M) values of small and large objects such as drill cores, samples, outcrops, etc.

With the MPP probe, you can get the information that you need, to design an appropriate geophysical survey since you are able to establish a correlation between your samples and your EM / MAG survey.

PIK-OFP/EP Automated Software-Controlled Measurement System

The apparatus is intended for the study of formation reservoir properties of core samples in reservoir conditions. The hydraulic system of the apparatus creates a two-phase flow (liquid/liquid) through core samples. The apparatus is controlled and monitored from a PC.

The PIK-OFP/EP apparatus can determine the following parameters of core:

To control parameters of core, a full hydraulic isolation of the hydraulic layout is used, which makes it possible to use both oil and water to apply rock pressure, thus making the design simpler and more reliable while reducing electromagnetic interference in the electric measuring channel during the measurement of the electric conductivity of samples