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Demonstration cabinet

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Since the founding of the Kazan University in 1804 the history of physical demonstration cabinet has started. At that time its aim was providing the instrumentation for scientific researches and educational process. Its significant development was closely linked with the names of the heads of the Department of Theoretical and Experimental Physics Nikolai Lobachevsky, Yevgeny Zavoisky. Now the demonstration cabinet provides lectures with demonstration equipment in two lecture halls and their seating capacity is around 200 students. Here study students not only from Institute of physics, but also from other natural science fields: geology, cybernetics, medicine, ecology...

The equipment available in the cabinet allows observing up to 400 experiments in all fields of physics: mechanics, molecular physics and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics. In addition to traditional forms of teaching modern audio-visual presentation of educational information are widely used. On the basis of the demonstration cabinet new multimedia tools for teaching physics in higher and secondary educational institutions are set up and developed, and monographs are published.