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The Center of Excellence for Education in Physics

The aim of the Center is the physics teaching of different group of students from pupil, students to teachers. For high-school children preliminary courses for academic competitions, physical workshops, successfully passing the Uniform State Exams are prepared. For students from the first course up to Master's program the practical physics is provided. It allows students to gain practical competence in the field of physical experiments and to know the physical applications in different fields (such as medicine, chemistry, etc.). For teaching staff courses aimed at training, retraining and advanced training in the field of physical education are run.

The Center's employees are leading experts in the following areas:

  theory and teaching methods of physics;

  theory and methods of teaching and education;

  information and communication technologies;

  physics of complex systems;

  physics of heterogeneous systems;

  quantum information science.

Students training at the Center receive a fundamental education in keeping with the best traditions of teaching and research school of KSU and actively participate in innovative research and development both in Russia and abroad.

Students are taking part in real research and development.

Our graduates possess the fundamental knowledge and a wide range of practical skills.

Our graduates are in demand in the labor market.

Activity areas of the Center of Excellence:

  1. Performance of Laboratory Practicum for students is carried out using laboratory facilities, equipped with a laboratory and demonstration equipment of LDidactic Company (Germany).
  2. Pedagogical and scientific education. The Center of excellence prepares the specialists both in the field of science and teacher education.
  3. The Center organizes and conducts conferences, meetings, round tables for the exchange of experience among teachers of educational institutions and universities teachers.
  4. Development and implementation of training courses for teachers of educational institutions. The Сenter organizes the additional education programs for training and retraining of teachers.
  5. Cooperation with organizations of higher and general education. The centers organize exchanges programs and joint research, directing professors and students to work in educational institutions.
  6. Development and testing of new modules of the basic educational Bachelor's programme on the specialty group "Education and Pedagogy" (the direction of training - physical and mathematical sciences, physics), which involves the academic mobility of students in terms of network communication.