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The museum of Morphology and the General Pathology Department

The anatomic museum (the museum of Morphology and the General Pathology Department ) is one of the elements for education of highly qualified medical doctors and base for classroom and self-training study of the students.

The anatomic museum plays an important role not only for the students of medical faculties but also it promotes medical knowledge among students of other specialties and other higher educational institutions, pupils of medical schools, seniors of gymnasiums, lyceums and schools, the population of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Tasks of the museum are:

-carrying out studies on normal and pathological human anatomy, operational surgery and topographical anatomy, clinical anatomy;
-educational activities for the questions of normal and pathological human anatomy;
-promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The museum exhibits various anatomic preparations that helps to realize particular features and organization of human body, its organs, in normal and pathological conditions.

Now the museum has more than 350 preparations in all sections of human anatomy – osteology, myology, syndesmology, internal organs, vascular system and neurology.

The anatomic museum is especially proud of preparations of  real-size human body, demonstrating muscles, blood vessels and nerves. Among the exhibited samples there is a representative collection of pathologies, congenital and caused by diseases. Preparations of heart, internal organs, the central nervous system and sense organs, lymphatic system, organs of endocrine system and  anatomy of age, system of joints and also preparations with anomalies of development are presented in showcases of the museum.

Anatomic preparations are made in the International morphological center (St. Petersburg), under the leadership of D. A. Starchik. using the modern technology of polymeric preservation (plastination).