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1. Study of the mechanisms of acute neuronal injury, and to evaluate the effect of combined treatment of acute and chronic spinal cord injury.




1. Evaluation of biomarkers of acute period of neuronal injury.


2. The use of conjugates amphiphilic polymers to improve the delivery of neuroprotective agents in acute neurotrauma.


3. Study of the combined effect of acute and chronic treatment of spinal cord injury to restore motor functions.


2. Structural and functional organization of spinal neuronal networks.




1. Identification of interneurons of the spinal cord and the circuits involved in the processing of sensory information in simple motor acts as the flexion and extension, and movement.


2. Assessment of the level of duplication of interneurons and reorganization after injury.


3. Integrated approaches to axonal regeneration and functional recovery of neuronal connections after injury.




1. Introduction into the spinal cord of extracellular matrix proteins to improve regeneration after injury.


2. Creation of a laboratory model of brain trauma and spinal cord to the behavioral phenotype testing of new drugs that improve posttraumatic regeneration.


3. Study of the mechanisms of action of polypeptides, causing regeneration in the presence of hondroitinsulfatproteoglikanov.


4. The study of the effect of combined treatment of neurotrauma with a combination of electrical stimulation with new pharmacological and rehabilitation techniques on axon regeneration and restoration of functional connections.


4. The development of neural network modeling methods of organization of the spinal cord.




1. The development of neural network modeling techniques organization of motor circuits of the spinal cord.


2. Creation of the structural and functional model of pacing generator to control systems and android robots exoskeletons.