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Arts and Creative Activities

The creative association "RVSZhshnikipictures" in 2013 won the first prize in the nominations "The Highest Spectator Assessment", the third prize in the nomination "For a Unique Author's View in Coverage of the Topic of the Battle of Stalingrad" following the results of the All-Russian competition of videos "My Stalingrad" devoted to the 70 anniversary of defeat by the Soviet troops of fascist troops in the Battle of Stalingrad within the All-Russian multimedia festival of student's creativity "Stalingrad 3.0".

The ensemble of the national dance "Sayar" cultivates patriotism and tolerance at youth through demonstration of cultures of various people of the world and choreographic art. The latest achievements of the ensemble - the Grand Prix of the IV international festival competition of children and youth creativity "Solar rhythms of Bulgaria" within the international project "Salute of Talents", the Grand Prix of the V International open festival competition "Cultural Capital", the Grand Prix of the international festival "Gold Sun".

The dance collective "Headline" is one of the brightest and numerous students' associations of our institution which takes part in intra high school, city and republican activities, is the winner and the prize-winner of city and republican creative festivals and competitions.

The creative collective "Soundtime" is engaged in musical arrangement of cultural, sporting and scientific events of KFU Naberezhnye Chelny Institute, and also trains students  in musical technical art.

The studio of a vocal of "Unisong" is one of active creative associations of the KFU Naberezhnye Chelny Institute and gives the chance to students of various levels of vocal to attend classes and to improve vocal skills. Pupils of the studio are winners, diplomats and participants of city, republican, regional, international competitions and actions in the nominations: vocal solo, vocal duet, vocal quartet, vocal and instrument band.

The CCC (the Club of Cheerful and Creative) team – cheerful and versatile group of the students playing CCC games, the winner of Republican Tatar league of CCC of 2013/2014 and the winner of the Grand Prix of a festival of Republican Tatar league of CCC of 2014, and also the winner of city league of CCC of  2013/2014.

The Intellectual League is directed on disclosure of intellectual and creative potential of student's youth, formation of interest in the process of self-development and self-realization. Participants are the owners of the Grand Prix of Republican Intellectual Spring in the nomination "Intellectual Spring", numerous winners of the city championship "Cup of Higher Education Institutions".

The debating club "Disqus" is aimed at the development in youth of tolerance, experience of public statements, ability to quick thinking when discussing the problems concerning topics of the day, students not only express their relation to a question, but also try to find problem solutions. The club gives master classes and public games on debate. Annually is the winner or the prize-winner of city tournaments on parliamentary debates.

The section "Sports and Health" at trade-union committee of students and graduate students propagandizes a healthy lifestyle, cultivates patriotism through carrying out various activities and actions. For example, adaptation game for first-year students, an action against smoking "NO to nicotine!” Students' Sabantuy, etc.

Activity of the student's association "Chulman" is directed on preservation and development of the Tatar language and culture, cultivation of the positive relation to culture, traditions and customs of other nationalities and the people. Is the owner of the Grand Prix among organizers of an action "Min Tatarcha Soyleshem-2012!", activists of the association became prize-winners of the VI Republican festival of student's creativity named by S. Suleymanova "Tormysh,  isenme!" - "Hi, life!": the Ist prize in the nominations "Art of Reading", the IIIrd prize in the nominations "Graphics", "A national vocal (solo)", "Video work", "Literary competition".

Youth Security Service of  Law and Order (YSSLO) – military patriotic union of the KFU Naberezhnye Chelny institute. Primary activities of YSSLO is protection of a public order, the organization of military patriotic activities (the competitions "Motherland Shield" and the game "Summer lightning") and preconscription training of students.

The school of models "Rashelle" teaches girls confidence, the bearing, the gait. Models of the school are finalists of beauty contests of the city and republic. "Rashelle" has diplomas of winners of competitions of theatres of fashion in the city and beyond its limits.

The school of ballroom dances invites young men and girls seeking to learn various dances and the graceful movements.

The studio of break-dance  "Flaming hearts". Break-dance is a modern hip-hop dance. It gives the chance to show the identity, by adding a unique style to the basic knowledge. Break-dance is a fusion of various hip-hop styles. It trains patience, endurance, plasticity, flexibility and improves physical shape, after all it is not simply a dance, but a  dance with power elements. "Flaming Hearts  Team" and the members of the team are the owners of prizes in the federal and republican competitions. They won in such cities as Irkutsk, Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Chelyabinsk, Cheboksary, Almetyevsk, Nizhnekamsk.

The head of the cycle trial club "Bravo" took the Ist prize in the nomination "Original Genre" in the Zone  festival "Yagymly Yaz - "Student's spring".

The "Cheese cake" drama school is engaged in preparation of performances in such genres and directions as classical theater, the musical, a satirical genre - the mime, and also provides training of students in acting skills.

The "Balkysh" drama school conducts work on preparation scenic plays based on works of art, amateur creativity of students.

By results of the Annual City Student's Sports Spartakiad among the students of higher education institutions since 2011 to the present the national team of institute is the leader in the overall ranking. Having participated in the Spartakiad  of divisions of the Kazan Federal University in 2013/2014, the national team of students of the Naberezhnye Chelny Institute took the IInd prize in the overall ranking in a Big group of  institutes.

In the traditional city track and field athletics relay devoted to the 69th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and to opening of a summer sports season of 2014 in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, the team of students took the I prize and  employees of  the institute - the IInd prize.

In a division "B" of the Championship of Student's volleyball league of the Republic of Tatarstan the team of  the institute took the IInd  prize.

About 300 students of the institute as volunteers took part in the XXVII World summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan, working responsibly at the most different positions on all sporting and administrative objects. More than 20 students deserved honor to become volunteers of the XXII Olympic winter Games of the XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi.

All occupations in associations, on-stage creative groups, clubs and sports sections for all students of our institute are free.

Achievements of student's associations allow to gain an impression about the level of readiness and development of a student's  community. It makes possible to carry out the events of city, republican and federal level, such as:

? annually since 2006 the federal meeting of the student's community "Revolution in Student's Life" is carried out (representatives of 12 higher education institutions from 10 cities of Russia gathered this summer, the visit of the mayor of Naberezhnye Chelny in "Dubravushka", and also a meeting of students with the vice rector for educational work in KFU took place);

? annually since 2005 – the open sports tourism championship of Zakamsky region of the  Republic of  Tatarstan (group of disciplines "distances – walking rout");

? annually since 2007 – a tourist's meeting among students of higher education institutions and specialized secondary educational institution of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny;

? in 2013 and 2014 - the organization and carrying out of the XII federal competition "The Student's Leader — 2014" - (official publicizing of action is carried out by the student's labor union);

? in 2013 and 2014 - participation in the organization of the federal school of members of the scholarship commissions of STIPKOM-2014 in the Crimea and Moscow;

? 2014 - the city bicycle race "TweedRace" dated for the World day of refusal of smoking;

? 2014 - information and organizational support in holding a football tournament on the Cup of the President of  the Republic of Tatarstan on soccer at KAMAZ stadium.