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CLIL Laboratory

Educational and scientific laboratories ,Educational and scientific laboratories

The department administers Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Laboratory.

Its objectives are:

1. to study the experience of using  CLIL technology in foreign educational practice;

2. to work out lectures, workshops, educational materials based on the (technology;

3. to conduct master classes and courses on CLIL technology in Russian educational institutions;

4. to organize research and scientific conferences on bilingual education.

Content and Language Integrated Learning is an educational practice that enjoys widespread and increasing popularity in many parts of the world and at all levels of education. Our department has focused on teaching and learning of curricular content through the medium of a foreign language at school and universities of the Republic of Tatarstan as well as the problems of integrating content and language in Tatar-Russian bilingual environment.

Current Activities

We coordinate the “Modern technologies CLIL and CALL” symposium that was held under the aegis of J. Baudouin de Courtenay and Worldwide Linguistics international conference (October, 2017). Presentation of “The New Digital Storytelling” by Alexander Bryan (Bryan Alexander Consulting, USA) within the framework of the symposium became the key point of the event. More info: https://kpfu.ru/eng/academic-units/humanities/philology-culture/from-integrating-scholars-to-of-content-and-308419.html.

There is ongoing web conference “Kahoot! Technology in Teaching Foreign Languages” for students in Leo Tolstoy Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication. The presenter is Dr. Pimenova (Purdue University, USA). More info: https://kpfu.ru/eng/academic-units/humanities/philology-culture/may-26-2017-a-web-conference-presentation-for-leo.html.


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