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Student life

Students ,Students

More than 3000 students of different nationalities study in Elabuga Institute, among them there are a lot of citizens of foreign countries. Each of them can satisfy his/her interest in the extracurricular life of the Institute – science, sport, leisure, volunteering, student self-governing, etc. All the conditions for the implementation of the cultural needs of students are created – there work scientific associations and sports clubs, art groups of vocal and choreography, Schools of guides and journalists, KVN… There is an opportunity to participate in the organization and preparation of both the institute activities and cultural events at town, regional and national levels.

The Corporate Culture of the Institute involves the celebration of the Foundation Day of Stakheev (Diocesan) female school, honoring veterans of the Great Patriotic War and the Institute, holidays associated with the anniversaries of Kazan University, competitions "Do you know the history of Alma mater?”, parties in memory of outstanding scientists, evenings of classical music and nationwide  holidays. The festival of freshmen, Peoples' Friendship Festival, the Festival of student league of KVN, "Student Spring", Christmas Ball, Imperial Ball have become traditional.

The institute has got  Union organization of students and graduate students, Student club, Sports club, Student council of hostels, Student Security Service "Outpost", "Student brigades" and other public organizations that work closely with each other and effectively implement various projects in the sphere of developing propaganda teams, volunteering, organizing mass events.

More than 50 percent of students are engaged in six gyms in the sections of athletics, football, volleyball, badminton, basketball. Our winners of Russian and World competitions on powerlifting, kickboxing, boxing and badminton are known far beyond Yelabuga. On the base of the sports camp "Burevestnik" year-round profile sessions and sports festivals, environmental campaigns and cultural events are held.