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Engineering and Technology Faculty


The Faculty of Engineering and Technology (previously the faculty of general technical disciplines, then the techno-economic) was founded in 1975. In 1979, the first graduation of teachers of general technical disciplines and labor took place.

Now students are trained in the following directions:

23.03.01 Technology of transport processes, the profile Operation of vehicles (training period - 4 years)

44.03.01 Teacher education, Technology profile (extramural studies, training period - 5 years)

44.03.04 Professional training (by industry), profile Service and operation of automobile transport, profile Transport, profile Decorative and applied art and design (4-year study period)

44.03.05 Teacher education (2 profiles), profile Technology and additional training (training period - 5 years)

44.03.05 Teacher education (2 profiles), profile Technology, Computer science (training period - 5 years).

The following departments run at the faculty: