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Department of the European languages and Cultures

Department of the European languages and Cultures

The chairperson – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Diana R. Sabirova.

Department of European Languages and Cultures was established on September 1, 2013 following the foundation of the Translation Studies and World Heritage division in the Institute of International Relations, History and Oriental Studies of KFU.

Department of European Languages and Cultures is a community of professionals that is committed to training a professional graduate in the field of linguistics, translation studies and intercultural communication.

Basic research fields of the Department: the functioning of the languages and cultures of the European countries, typological and comparative linguistics, research in the field of foreign pedagogy and methods of foreign languages teaching.

The academic staff of the department includes 15 specialists: 6 associate professors, 6 senior lecturers, 3 assistant lecturers. Among them there are: 1 Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, 5 Candidates of Philological sciences, 2 Candidates of Pedagogical Sciences.

At present the Department trains bachelors in:

Linguistics (Translation and Translation Studies);

Teacher Education (History and German)

Since the academic year of 2014-2015, the teachers of the Department are involved in the implementation of the Master's programme "Theory of Translation. Cross-cultural and interlanguage communication."

There is postgraduate programme № 13.00.01 at the Department - "General pedagogics, and education, history of pedagogics and education." Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Diana R. Sabirova is involved in postgraduate supervision.

At the Department great attention is paid to the professional development of the faculty and its participation in the international programmes. Teachers of the Department have won grants on a competitive basis for internships and training at leading Russian and foreign  universities (Sabirova D.R., Bodnar S.S., Bobyreva N.N., Palutina O.G., Pomortseva N.P., Morozova T.V., Schelyvanova L.G.).

Realizing the need for a constant improvement of their own linguistic and methodological competence the teachers Sabirova D.R., Bobyreva N.N., Bodnar S.S., Latypov N.R., Palutina O.G., Pomortseva N.P., Morozova T.V., Yatsenko G.S., Khanipova R.R. have successfully passed the international exams: САЕ, ВЕС, ТКТ, KAL, IELTS, DaF.

Latypov N.R., Palutina O.G., Schelyvanova L.G. are accredited oral examiners of the Cambridge University Examination Centre.

The lecturers of the Department were "pioneers" in the introduction of authentic textbooks in higher educational institutions of Tatarstan. They take an active part in training seminars organized by the authors of textbooks. Scientific conferences, seminars, round tables, webinars with the authors of authentic textbooks, representatives of foreign Publishing Houses “Longman”, “Macmillan”, “Oxford University Press”,  “Cambridge University Press” have become a tradition.