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Department of TV Broadcasting and TV Production

Department of TV Broadcasting and TV Production was established in 2013. It specializes in teaching, methodology and scientific research in television and TV broadcasting.

Full-time staff

Chair - Rezeda Daoutova (DSci, Professor)

Liliya Khuzeeva (PhD, Associate Professor)

Firdaous Ganeeva (Senior Lecturer)

Viktor Yegorov (Senior Lecturer, Head of Univer TV Lab)

Almaz Khaziev (Senior Lecturer)

Yelena Agley (Assistant Lecturer)

Anton Anokhin (Assistant Lecturer)

Albina Shakurova (Assistant Lecturer)

Natalya Karimova (Lab Engineer)

Adelya Ismagilova (Secretary/Senior Lab Assistant)

Gulnaz Nurtdinova (Secretary/Lab Assistant)

There is a number of visiting educators, mostly established professionals in TV journalism.

The Department has two labs - Ethnic Documentary Cinema Research Lab and Ilshat Aminov's Creative Education Lab.


+ 7 843 2337503