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Papers requirements

Please submit your paper via email only and only to this email:kafanglnem@mail.ru until May 15

Read the following guidelines carefully and adjust your paper accordingly before final submission. Be sure your paper is formatted according to the Forum Paper Requirements


Focus: The Organizing Committee is calling for papers for submission on the following topics:

1. English as the Main Language in Intercultural Communication.

2. Russian language learning is a major factor in the adaptation process of international students in the Russian socio-cultural environment.

3. Ethno-cultural diversity as a guarantor of stability in relationship between students.

4. Mega sport events as a mechanism to generate young people patriotism

5. A tolerant attitude towards people with disabilities.


Papers requirements


Page setup settings: margins 2 cm in all four sides, paper size – A4 format (21 cm x 29,7 cm).

Font requirements (unless otherwise): Times New Roman; 12 pt.

All text should be 1–2 pages.

Structure of the paper:

Title of the article;

Name Surname;

Organization / University (Country);




Main text of the article





Forum session

Ivanov D. T.


University of Economics and Management

Kaluga , Russian Federation

Economic aspects of development

Text of abstract text of abstract text of abstract text of abstract text of abstract text of abstract text of abstract [1, p . 2] .


References format

List references at the end of your paper, in a single alphabetical list under the heading References.

1. OI Lavrushin Banks and banking // Moscow, 2009. - 94.


Details of the forum on the site


Organizing Committee (843) 2911-374 - Department of foreign languages in the sphere of economy, business and finance of the Institute of Economics and Finance Kazan Federal University.



We ask you to make your paper look exactly like this document. The easiest way to do this is simply to copy a template, and replace the content with your own material.