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Educational activity

Educational activity ,Institute of International Relations, Department of General History, Educational activity

The department conducts educational activity in three institutes of Kazan Federal University training students in twenty specialties, areas and concentration fields.

The graduate department offers a baccalaureate program 46.03.01. “History”, “General History” and “History of International Relations” concentration fields.

Currently, the department has experience in implementing a number of master's degree programs:

Area “History”, program “Jewish Studies. The History and culture of the Jewish People: universal and regional aspects” (2014 graduation);

Area 03.54.00 “History of Art” (2015 graduation);

Area 46.04.01 “History” program “Comparative models of historical development of the countries of the East and the West” (2018 graduation).

The following master's programs are currently being implemented:

Area 46.04.01 "History":

The master's program “Social History of the West and Russia” jointly with the Department of Russian History (postal tuition, 2017 enrolment);

The program "Historical Political Science" (postal tuition, 2018 enrolment).

The department implements postgraduate programs in the area of 46.06.01 Historical Sciences and Archeology. Scientific specialties 07.00.03 - General History and 07.00.09 - Historiography, Source Studies and Methods of Historical Research.