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Internships and courses

Internships and courses ,Internships and courses

The Department is developing a programme of research training, courses of further education for professional development and training for bachelors, undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral candidates, lecturers, teachers, students:

Teaching Russian language and literature in educational institutions (retraining)

Theory and practice of teaching Russian language and literature at school (retraining)

Actual problems of teaching native Russian language and native Russian literature in schools in the conditions of implementation of GEF (PC courses)

Actual problems of teaching Russian language and literature in schools with native (non-Russian) language of education in the conditions of implementation of GEF (PC courses)

Methods of teaching Russian language (additional training, remotely)

Advanced Russian language course for foreign citizens (one-year internship)

Current research in the field of Russian language (scientific internship)

Current research in the field of methods of teaching Russian (scientific training)

International summer school of Russian language (for foreign teachers)

Training for OGE and EGE on the Russian language (for students)

The preparation for the Olympiad in the Russian language (for students)

Methods of preparation for the final certification in Russian language and literature (advanced training courses for teachers)

January 13, 2020

IFMC 5th year students share their impressions of teaching practice in Russian


January 15, 2020

- My friends, learn Russian!"


December 30, 2019

The internship of students from Ferghana state University in ifmk KFU was completed


December 30, 2019

IFMC was presented at the conference on the Russian language in Pskov


December 30, 2019

New year's concert-performance from isiani trainees