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                   Kazan Golovkinsky Stratigraphic Meeting 2019

Late Palaeozoic Sedimentary Earth Systems: Stratigraphy, Geochronology, Petroleum Resources

Fifth All-Russian Conference “Upper Paleozoic of Russia”

September 24-28, 2019, Kazan, Russia

   Dear colleagues, we remind you that the Kazan Golovkinsky Stratigraphic Meeting, 2019 will be held at the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies of KFU, Building No 4/5, Kremlevskaya St., Kazan, from September 24 to September 28, 2019.

   The official languages for the scientific program and all the business of the meeting are Russian and English. Talks given in Russian language should have English explanations in the PowerPoint presentations. The working languages are English and Russian.

   Poster presentations can be in Russian or English, English is preferable. The size of the posters is from A3 to A0.

   Please note the duration of the reports (15 and 20 minutes) and the start time of Workshops.

   You may pay the Conference fee at registration.

 Several hotels are located in close proximity to the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies. These are the Hotel Giuseppe (Kremlyovskaya str.), Hotel Almaz (Baumana str.), Hotel Hayal (Universitetskaya str.), Hotel Fatima (Karla Marks str.), Hotel Ibis (Pravo-Bulachnaya str.).

   Please contact the Conference Secretariat by emailing stratikazan2019@kpfu.ru for all enquiries and visa support.


September 24

Arrival in Kazan. Registration  (in the Geological Museum, Kremlevskaya, 4/5)

All meetings and Registration (after September 24) will be held in the Assembly Hall of Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies (Kremlevskaya, 4/5)

September 25


Opening Ceremony

Co-Conveners: Alexander S. Alekseev, Svetlana V. Nikolaeva


Schneider, Joerg W. et al. The importance of Paleozoic/Mesozoic sections in Central Europe, on the Russian Platform and in North America for correlation of late Carboniferous and Permian to Middle Triassic continental biostratigraphy to the Standard Global Chronostratigraphic Scale


Chernykh, Valeriy V. Meronomical scales as the synchronization tool of Geological Events


Coffee break and Poster Session

Meeting 1. Co-Conveners: Annette E. Goetz, Valery K. Golubev


Davydov Vladimir I. et al. Were the Siberian Traps a trigger for the global Permo-Triassic extinction?


Biakov, Alexander S., Yuri D. Zakharov, Micha Horacek, Ruslan V. Kutygin, Igor L. Vedernikov, Inessa V. Brynko. New data on fauna, δ13Corg , δ15N chemostratigraphy, and U-Pb SHRIMP dating of Upper Permian and PTB deposits of northeastern Russia


Sungatullina, Guzal M., Rafael Kh. Sungatullin. The boundaries of the Upper Carboniferous Stages in the Usolka Section, Southern Urals


Golubev, Valeriy K. The Moscow Bay in the Zechstein Sea (upper Permian, East European Platform)


Sennikov, Nikolay V., Taras V. Gonta, Raliya A. Khabibulina. On the origin of the Early Carboniferous Atyrdakh terrigenous complex of the Lena River Delta


Kutygin, Ruslan V. Permian ammonoids from the lower reaches of the Lena River


Götz, Annette E. Palynological evidence of southwestern Gondwana's prolonged Carboniferous-Permian glaciation: Evidence towards a refined biotic deglaciation model


lunch break

Meeting 2. Co-Conveners: Abdelouahed Lagnaoui, Fedor A. Mouraviev


Banerjee, Amlan, Mirosław Słowakiewicz, Tuasha Majumder, Sayani Khan, Sarbani Patranabis-Deb, Maurice E. Tucker, Dilip Saha. A Palaeoproterozoic dolomite showing Phanerozoic-type dolomitization


Alekseev, Andrey О., Tatiana V. Alekseeva. Soil formation in the Central Devonian Field in the late Devonian


Sennikov, Andrey G. Crayfish and lungfish burrows from the Permian and Triassic deposits of the Southern Cis-Urals


Lagnaoui, Abdelouahed, Wahiba Bel Haouz, Amine Najih. Trackway and resting traces of trilobites with associated invertebrate ichnofossils from the Early Carboniferous of the Al Atrous region (Eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco)


Bel Haouz, Wahiba, Abdelouahed Lagnaoui, Vladimir V. Silantiev. Progress on the Ichnological Analysis of the Lower and Upper Kazanian Strata from the Volga Region (Eastern European Platform, Russia)


Brynko, Inessa V., Gennadiy O. Polzunenkov, Alexander S. Biakov. New U-Pb (SHRIMP-II) data on zircons from the Middle Permian of the Omolon Massif (Northeastern Russia)


Coffee break and Poster Session


Chronostratigraphy and the methods of synchronization of geological events. Moderator Vladimir I. Davydov.

4.1. Biostratigraphic methods in chronostratigraphy (marine and continental facies).

4.2. Palaeomagnetic methods in chronostratigraphy.

4.3. Chemostratigraphic methods in chronostratigraphy.

4.4. Radioisotopic methods utilized in chronostratigraphy

The Third V.G. Chalimbadja Memorial Workshop "Conodonts: systematics, biostratigraphy, paleogeography". Moderator Guzal M. Sungatullina.

September 26


Danis K. Nurgaliev. Greetings to the participants of the conference


Davydov, Vladimir I. et al. Late Paleozoic climate bipolarity: glaciation signs in Siberia


Kutygin, Ruslan V. The main stratigraphic and paleogeographic features of the Capitanian stage in Yakutia, Eastern Siberia


Zorina Svetlana O., Nataliya V. Sokerina, Bulat I.Gareev, Georgy A. Batalin, Konstantin I. Nikashin. Element geochemistry of the organic carbon-rich strata from the northeastern Pery-Tethys


Coffee break and Poster Session

Meeting 3. Co-Conveners: Alexander O. Ivanov, Ilja Kogan


Alekseev, Alexander S., Elena I. Kulagina, Guzel M. Sungatullina, Rafael Kh. Sungatullin, Svetlana V. Nikolaeva, Nadezhda A. Kucheva, Lyudmila I. Kononova, Nataliya D. Zhuravleva. New data on the biostratigraphy of the boundary interval of the Bashkirian and Moscovian stages (Middle Pennsylvanian) in the Basu section (South Urals): Basu 2 profile


Leonova, Tatiana B., Alexander Yu. Shchedukhin. Cephalopods of the Early Permian Shakh-Tau Reef


Sakhnenko, Karina V., Elena L. Zaytseva, Nilyufer B. Gibshman. Palaeotextulariids (Foraminifera) from the Upper Viséan of the Volga-Ural Region and the Moscow Basin


Nazarova, Valentina M., Elena M. Kirilishina, Lyudmila I. Kononova, Sergey S. Dem'yankov. Upper Devonian conodont biofacies of the Voronezh Anteclise: a model


Remizova, Svetlana T. Late Moscovian and Kasimovian calcareous algae from “Malaya Pokayama” section (Volonga River, North Timan)


Beznosov, Pavel A. The Devonian vertebrate communities of the prima-obrutschewi Zone in Timan and the Kanin Peninsula


Ivanov, Alexander O. Paleozoic jalodontid chondrichthyans: diversity and distribution


Bakaev, Alexandr S. New data on teeth of fish of the order Eurynotoidiformes (Pisces, Actinopterygii) from the Upper Permian of European Russia


Kogan, Ilja, Michael Buchwitz, Maik Jähne, Henrik Ahlers, Daniel Eger Passos, Sascha Schmidt, Mirosław Rucki, Tom Cvjetkovic. A Madygenerpeton (Tetrapoda: Chroniosuchia) for everyone: digital representation and replication of a Triassic fossil skull


lunch break

Meeting 4. Co-Conveners: Valentina M. Nazarova, Anton N. Kolchugin


Novikov, Igor V. Early Triassic tetrapod succession of Eastern Europe


Nitkina, Elena A., Nikolay E. Kozlov, Natalia E. Kozlova, Tatiana V. Kaulina. The age and composition of rocks of the eastern frame of the Pechenga structure, Kola region


Tsincoburova, Mariya G., Timur R. Khalimov. Biogenic and abiogenic disturbances in the shells of Ordovician invertebrates found in the Leningrad Region, in the collection of the Mining Museum


Saetgaraev, Almir D., Angelina A. Savelieva, Nadezhda I. Borschevskaya. Major discoveries of oil fields in the Timan-Pechora Province at the turn of the XX and XXI century


Izokh, Nadezhda G. Late Devonian conodonts from North Kharaulakh (Arctic Russia)


Musin, Rustam Kh. Lithology and stratigraphy of the Lower Kazanian deposits within the oil-producing territory of the Republic of Tatarstan: hydrogeological significance


Snachev, Alexander V., Vladimir I. Snachev. Geology and ore bearing potential of black shales of the Kamensk block (Chelyabinsk Graben, South Urals)


Temnaya, Natalya V., Anton N. Kolchugin. The sedimentogenetic features of the Bashkirian oil-saturated carbonate rocks from the Volga-Ural region


Coffee break and Poster Session


Joint meeting of the Permian and Carboniferous Stratigraphic Commissions: results and prospects of the ICS Congress, Cologne-2019.

Co-Conveners: Alexander S. Alekseev, Alexander S. Biakov, Valeriy K. Golubev, Svetlana V. Nikolaeva


Conference Dinner (Banquet)

September 27

Meeting 5. Co-Conveners: Svetlana V. Nikolaeva, Andrey O. Alekseev


Arefiev, Mikhail P. Key sedimentological and isotope events of the Permian-Triassic boundary of the East European Platform: evidence of global restructuring of the geosphere


Nikolaeva, Svetlana V., Alexander S. Alekseev, Elena I. Kulagina, Yury A. Gatovsky, Galina Yu. Ponomareva, Nilyufer B. Gibshman. Interregional correlation of the base of the Serpukhovian Stage: problems and prospects


Ponomareva, Anna L., Аlena I. Eskova, Renat B. Shakirov, Anatoly I. Obzhirov.  The relationship between the rate of microbial processes and the methane content in the bottom sediments of the Sea of Japan


Alekseeva, Tatiana V., Andrey O. Alekseev. The discovery of paleosols in the upper Devonian of the Stoylenskiy Quarry (Staryi Oskol, Belgorod Region)


Coffee break and Poster Session

Meeting 6. Co-Conveners: Mikhail P. Arefiev, Svetlana O. Zorina


Dub, Semyon A., Gunar A. Mizens, Vladimir N. Kuleshov, Tatiana I. Stepanova. The mid-Upper Tournaisian carbon isotope excursion (TICE) in limestones of the Middle Urals and Southern Trans-Urals


Melnichuk, Oleg Yu. Specific sedimentation features of the Upper Devonian delta system (eastern slope of the Middle Urals, Kodinka Formation)


Saldin, Victor A., Artem G. Konnov, Georgy V. Savel'ev. The Lower Permian succession of Pay-Khoy: problems of stratigraphy and correlation


Soroka, Elena I., Lyubov V. Leonova, Mihail E. Pritchin. Carbonate nodules with aluminum in the Upper Paleozoic limestones of the Urals


Prosuzhikh, Pavel A., Veronika V. Zharinova, Frank Scholze Joerg W. Schneider, Vladimir V. Silantiev, Elvira F. Sabirova, Ilja Kogan. Classification of recent and fossil (late Permian) Conchostraca using Fourier shape analysis


Sabirova, Elvira F., Veronika V. Zharinova, Frank Scholze, Joerg W. Schneider, Vladimir V. Silantiev, Pavel P. Prosuzhikh, Ilja Kogan. Carapace microsculpture of conchostracans from the Permian and Triassic sections of Eastern Europe and Western Siberia


lunch break

Meeting 7. Co-Conveners: Igor V. Novikov, Vladimir V. Silantiev


Zharinova, Veronika V., Vladimir V. Silantiev. Permian and Triassic conchostracans from the Babii Kamen section (West Siberia)


Bezgodova, Daria V. Famennian spiriferids (Branchiopoda) of the southern coast of Novaya Zemlya (Karskie Vorota Strait)


Ivanova, Natalia M., Alexander A. Sidorov, Alexandra M. Evseeva, Denis V. Mayorov. The Lower Kazanian Substage in the outcrops near the village of Baitugan (Samara Region, type area of the substage)


Sánchez, Willan, Rail I. Kadyrov, Elvira I. Minibaeva. Analysis of the evolution of Paleozoic sedimentary basins in the Republic of Tatarstan using a geological section of the regional seismic profile “TATSEIS”


Coffee break and Poster Session


Closing of the Meeting

Co-Conveners: Joerg W. Schneider, Alexander S. Alekseev

September 28

Departure from Kazan

Abstract Volume and List of posters are available on the website: https://kpfu.ru/stratikazan2019