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Department of European Languages and Cultures

Department of European Languages and Cultures ,Department of European Languages and Cultures

The Department of European Languages and Cultures was founded on September 1, 2013 following the foundation of the Translation Studies and World Heritage division in the Institute of International Relations of KFU.

Since September 1, 2015, the Department of European Languages and Cultures has been part of the Higher School of Foreign Languages and Translation Studies of the Institute of International Relations of KFU.

The Department of European Languages and Cultures is a team of professionals whose goal is to form a professional graduate in the field of linguistics, translation studies, cross-cultural communication, theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages and cultures, and management in language education.

The main scientific areas of the Department are: the functioning of European countries’ languages and cultures, typological and comparative linguistics, research in the field of foreign pedagogy and methods of teaching foreign languages.

The academic staff of the Department consists of 41 members: 1 professor, 20 associate professors, 13 senior lecturers, 5 lecturers, 1 assistant lecturer, including 1 Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, 2 Doctors of Philological Sciences,  14 Candidates of Philological Sciences, 6 Candidates of Pedagogical Sciences.

Currently, the Department is preparing:

Bachelors in:

45.03.02 Linguistics (in the fields of Translation and Translation Studies and Theory and Methodology of  Foreign Language and Culture Teaching).

Masters in:

45.04.02 Linguistics.

Since 2014-2015 academic year the Department members have been participating in the implementation of the Master's programme Theory of Translation. Cross-Cultural and Interlingual Communication.

Since 2016, the Department has realising the Master's programme Theory and Methodology of  Foreign Language and Culture Teaching.

In 2017-2018 academic year the Master's programme Management in Language Education was launched at the Department.

The Department implements the management of post-graduate study in specialties 13.00.01 - General Pedagogics, History of Pedagogics and Education, 10.02.20 - Comparative and Historic, Typological and Contrastive Linguistics.  The work of post-graduate students is supervised by Doctor D.R. Sabirova and Doctor G.K. Gizatova.

Much attention at the Department is paid to advanced training of its teaching staff and their participation in international programmes. The members of the department staff have won grants for internships and training in leading Russian and foreign universities (D.R. Sabirova, G.K. Gizatova, S.S. Bodnar, N.N. Bobyreva, O.G. Palutina, N.P. Pomortseva, T.V. Morozova, A.Yu. Seredina, N.Y. Tikhonova, R.U. Galimova, E.E. Mukhametshina, I.Ya. Balabanova, T.E. Kalegina, A.A. Ageeva, and L.R. Abdullina).

Realizing the urgent need to improve constantly their linguistic and methodological competence D.R. Sabirova, N.N. Bobyreva, S.S. Bodnar, N.R. Latypov, O.G. Palutina, N.P. Pomortseva, A.V. Ageeva, L.R. Abdullina, T.V. Morozova, G.S. Yatsenko, A.Z. Gainutdinova, K.M. Amirkhanova, R.R. Khanipova, A.V. Zorina, N.A. Deputatova, L.F. Shangaraeva, I.G. Kondrateva, A.Yu. Seredina have passed international qualification exams of various levels: CAE, BEC, TKT, TKT, KAL, CLIL, IELTS, DaF, CELTA.

N.R. Latypov and O.G. Palutina are accredited examiners of the Cambridge University Examination Center.

The Department staff pioneered introducing authentic textbooks to the educational process in Republic of Tatarstan’s universities. The teaching members of the Department take an active part in educational workshops. Regular scientific and practical conferences, round tables and seminars with experts in teaching materials, representatives of such international publishing houses as Pearson, Macmillan, and publishers of Oxford and Cambridge universities have become a tradition.

The Olympiad movement in foreign languages in the Republic of Tatarstan is held by the Higher School of Foreign Languages and Translation Studies. D.R. Sabirova, N.P. Pomortseva, N.R. Latypov, T.V. Morozova, O.G. Palutina, I.G. Kondrateva., T.E. Kalegina, N.A. Deputatova, and A.V. Zorina are permanent jury members of the Republican round of the All-Russian Olympiad in English.  

A.V. Ageeva,L.R. Abdullina, M.S. Lukina, T.E. Kalegina, and I. Ya. Balabanova are permanent jury members of the Republican round of the All-Russian Olympiad in French.

A.Yu.Seredina supervises the language olympiad movement in  Italian in the Republic of Tatarstan.

D.R. Sabirova, T.V. Morozova, N.R. Latypov, E.E. Mukhametshina, H. Gonzalez teach school children in the English Camp Discover KFU.

For many years I. Ya. Balabanova and M.S. Lukina have been  supervising the Interregional Olympiad in French. In the 2018/2019 academic year, A.V. Ageeva, L.R. Abdullina, R.U. Galimova, N.V. Tikhonova, T.E. Kalegina, F.I. Yarullina and R.M. Fakhretdinov joined them.

Since the academic year 2018/2019, the holding of the Interregional Olympiad in the English language has been put in charge of D.R. Sabirova, N.P. Pomortseva, I.G. Kondrateva, and T.V. Morozova. The Interregional Olympiad in Spanish is headed by O.G. Palutina, S.O. Pupyreva, A.R. Ismagilova, and in the Italian language - by A.Yu. Seredina.