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Higher School of Historical Sciences and World Cultural Heritage

Higher School of Historical Sciences and World Cultural Heritage ,Higher School of Historical Sciences and World Cultural Heritage

The Dean of the division – Ayrat Gabitovich Sitdikov

Deputy Dean for education – Alla Yurevna Shakirova

Deputy Dean for Research – Rail Ravilovich Fakhrutdinov

Deputy Dean for Curriculum and Discipline –Albina Marselevna Imamutdinova

Higher School of Historical Sciences and World Cultural Heritage is one of the largest divisions of the Institute of International Relations. The Division is the current leader in the field of higher classical historical education. The Division presents all levels of the system of higher education – bachelor`s – master`s degree - postgraduate studies, as well as additional educational programs of higher education.

The Division is aimed at skilled professionals training in the field of the study of antiquity, medieval studies, the Modern Age studies, as well as source studies, archeology, ethnology, anthropology, regional studies of Russia, etc. Our graduates fulfil their career opportunities both in the academic establishment and in various state and municipal institutions.

The following scientific and educational centers and research laboratories operate within the Division in order to implement additional educational programs and to support scientific research work:

Scientific and educational centers: “The Turkic World”, the “World Cultural Heritage” resource center, the “Archeometry” center of excellence;

Research laboratories: “Interdisciplinary innovative scientific and practical archaeological and ethnological research”, “Electronic historical resources”, “Archeographic laboratory”, “Historical comparative studies”, “Ethnic history”.

112 lecturers work at the Division, including 32 Doctors of Science, 70 Candidates of Science, employees with a PhD degree are engaged.

In the Higher School of Historical Sciences and World Cultural Heritage, bachelor`s degree is offered in:

41.03.01 Regional Studies (“General” and “German-Russian research”)

41.03.02 Regional Studies of Russia (“Russia and its regions in the field of international relations / with in-depth study of foreign languages” profile)

43.03.02 Tourism (“International Tourism” profile)

44.03.05 Teachers' Training (“Teachers' Training (History and Social Studies” and “Teachers' Training (History and English)” profiles).

46.03.01 History (“Archeology”, “Russian History”, “General history”, “History of the Turkic peoples” profiles).

46.03.03 Anthropology and Ethnology (“Anthropology and Ethnology” profile)

51.03.01 Cultural Studies (“Cultural studies” profile)

51.03. 04 Museum Studies and Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites (“International and Russian Museum Management with Advanced Curriculum in Foreign Languages” profile)

In the Higher School of Historical Sciences and World Cultural Heritage, master`s students are trained on the following programs:

Source Studies and Historical Research Methods

Comparative Models of the Historical Development concerning East and West Countries

History of Russian Civilization


History of Russia and Neighboring Countries

History of Russia: Sociocultural and Ethnopolitical Studies

Historical Education

Anthropology and Ethnology

Ethnic History of the Peoples of the Urals and the Volga Region

Restoration of Historical and Cultural Heritage

International Tourism

Organization and Technologies of International and Domestic Tourism

History of the Arts of the Turkic-Muslim World

Management of Cultural and Natural Heritage

More than 1200 students study at the Division, including about 100 foreign students. Throughout their studies period students obtain fundamental training on history, historiography, source study, archeology, ethnology, social anthropology, etc. Each major is represented by a variety of areas of expertise with a wide range of languages studied. At the Division students are offered the following languages: English, German, French, Turkish, Spanish, etc.

Besides the basic languages stipulated by the curriculum students are taught, there is an opportunity to study Latin, Classical Greek to complete academic programs successfully.

In the research area development of Kazan school of historical education and studying contemporary problems of history and archeology, museology and ethnology, regional studies of Russia, is being implemented, alongside with teaching relevant courses in educational institutions at different levels.