04 March 2014
Alexander Belov: 'Professional training is an essential element of the personnel policy'

On March 4, 2014, four professional development programs for public servants have started at the School of Public Administration: «Modern methods of interaction/cooperation between government, local self-government bodies and population; work with citizen queries and requests»,  «Registration of civil status acts: legislative frameworks, modern trends, and actual problems», «Personnel policy and HR management in public administration», «Informatization and communication (Information technologies, information security) in the performance of government and local self-government bodies».

During the opening ceremony, Alexander Belov, Head of the Department for Public Service and Personnel of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, welcomed participants of the programs: «The world is changing fast, professional standards are constantly developing, and public servants need to comply with them. Therefore, professional training is an essential element of the personnel policy in the Republic of Tatarstan ». Representatives of various government bodies also participated in the opening ceremony. The School of Public Administration has started this year to create and deliver trainings based in the requirements developed by ministries and government departments. For instance, while creating the professional development program «Informatization and Communication», the School focused on the requirements specifically developed by the Ministry of informatization and communication in the Republic of Tatarstan.