27 November 2022
The teacher of the Elabuga Institute takes part in the "League of Lecturers"

The competition is organized by the Russian society "Knowledge"

Associate Professor of the Engineering and Technology Department Sergey Sedov today took part in the regional stage of the League of Lecturers.  The competition, which has proved its popularity for the third time, is aimed at finding the best lecturers in the country who are ready to serve the cause of education and share knowledge with others.  This year, more than 9,000 educators have applied for participation, including representatives of various professions, but one thing unites them: love for education, pedagogical creativity.

Sergei Alekseevich delivered a lecture for schoolchildren and students of non-machine-building specialties "Structural analysis of flat mechanisms" in the assembly hall of the KSK "Unix".  Behind the back of the teacher of our institute there are already several successfully completed stages, and we will find out the results of the competition held today on the eve of the New Year.

We wish Sergei Sedov to be among the best educators of the country!

Source of information: press service of Elabuga Institute of KFU