14 November 2021
An Open day was held at Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University

School leavers and SVE ( secondary vocational education) graduates visited interactive platforms, talked with department chiefs and experts of the Admissions Office.

A series of meetings with 11th grade students and SVE graduates was opened by the Open day at Elabuga Institute of KFU. The applicants from cities and areas of the Republic of Tatarstan, Udmurtia and other nearby regions have become participants of interactive platforms of the university schools today.

After registration, each of the potential students "tried on" the role of a lawyer, a teacher, an economist, a manager, an interpreter, a programmer and even an engineer - any profession that a student can master in numerous departments of the university. Recently minted specialists got acquainted with the life of the University on interactive platforms.

Future students of the engineering and technological department were to explore the peculiar properties of immersion in virtual reality, methods to manage automated mechanisms.

The applicants, who chose the Foreign Languages Department ​​at registration, were able to plunge into the everyday life of translation process, studying the features of intercultural communication and the outlines of Latin and Chinese letters.

Representatives of the faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences told future researchers about laws of nature, phenomena incessantly rounding us. By the way, they also introduced the guys to the applied field of mathematics - programming.

Those who chose the profession of a psychologist, physical education teacher or educator had an opportunity to get to know their inner world more deeply, to pay attention to the processes in the body, mind and soul, to rate communication skills and study anthropometric characteristics.

The fitting room of the Department of Philology and History was presented with historical quests, the basics of archaeological research, the colour of the great cultures of Russian and Tatar people, their language and literature.

And, finally, future economists and lawyers had an opportunity to understand the processes of distribution, exchange and consumption of resources, to consider the model of the judicial process.

The work of the interactive platforms smoothly moved on to the official part of the event. Elena Merzon, the director of Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University, addressed the floor with a welcoming speech:

“Good afternoon, dear guests. Today the applicants from the whole republic of Tatarstan have gathered there: Yelabuga, Naberezhnye Chelny, Bugulma, Almetyevsk, Leninogorsk. I want to extend congratulations to the audience on the fact that Kazan Federal University will celebrate 217 years since its foundation on November 19, and our institute celebrates 123 years since its opening on these very days. This is a great event in the academic world of our republic and our country, because the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation are connected with Kazan Federal University today. "

As the director of Eelabuga Institute, she also acquainted the children with the structure of the University, noting in its structure the zones of active development of youth and schoolchildren: "University School", the center of additional education "House of Scientific Collaboration named after A.K. Valiev "and the sports and recreation camp" Burevestnik ". Elena Efimovna made the main emphasis on the interest of Elabuga Institute in changing of the trajectory of the individual development of students.

Alesya Oshkina, the person responsible for admission to Elabuga Institute, told future students about the changes in the admission rules in 2022. She reminded the children that upon admission, a future student has to pass two compulsory subjects, and the third one - a choice, and this choice is much wider than in all other Universities in Tatarstan. Many academic fields can now be enrolled without profile mathematics.

There were a lot of questions from applicants and their parents. At the same time, the adult part of the audience was interested not only in the admission of their wards to Kazan Federal University, but also in their own education on master's programs, retraining and advanced training courses.

In order to distract the guys a little from the flow of important information, Alesya Gennadievna suggested them a business game "Do the right thing!". School leavers were divided into teams and independently developed admission rules, as well as the procedure for admission to their own dream University. There was simply no limit to the fantasies of the guests: from changing the procedure for passing exams to creating training areas that do not yet exist, - the guys took everything into account during the game.

The winner of the competition was a team with the patriotic name "The Great Tartarstan". During presentation of the concept of the International University, the guys sang the Anthem of Tatarstan, and everyone in the hall listened to it standing up.

They got memorable gifts from Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University. Alesya Gennadievna promised jokingly that she would certainly take into account all the wishes of the children upon admissions. And she wished the applicants easy exams and getting into the University of their dreams.

Alesya Gennadievna also gave home task to the school leavers - to register on the website of the social and educational network "I will be a student!" in order to take part in the qualifier of the Interregional subject Olympiads of Kazan Federal University that are included in the List of school Olympiads for the 2021/2022 academic year. The winners of these Olympiads have an opportunity to enter Elabuga Institute without competition, and the winners of the final stage can receive benefits upon admission.

"I liked very much that the program today was divided into two parts: in one of them I was able to get acquainted with the particular qualities of the profession, as well as participate in the creation of the "Dream University ", and in the second one I got acquainted with a detailed presentation of the University. This is a very cool format," - Aurika Terentyeva, a student of the Mustafa Ondzhel Boarding Lyceum of Bugulma municipal district, shared her impressions.

The guests managed to learn about the specifics of studying at individual departments from the department heads. And after the commemorative meeting, everyone could visit the academic corps of the Institute in their chosen departments.

Source of information: press service of Elabuga Institute of KFU