23 April 2020
LIRS participated in the 7th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Applications (IEEE ICIEA 2020)

The Laboratory of Intelligent Robotic Systems (LIRS) of the Higher Institute of ITIS KFU took part in the 7th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Applications, ICIEA 2020, which was held in Thailand in virtual mode in two locations - April 16-18 in Bangkok and April 19-21 in Phuket.

This year the conference was held online due to the current epidemiological situation in the world. For this reason was created the ICIEA web platform where participants could present their reports and take part in all sessions and events.

A graduate of the Master's program “Intelligent Robotics” Ilya Moskvin co-authored with LIRS employee Roman Lavrenov and the head of the laboratory Evgeni Magid, presented a paper on the topic: “Modeling a crawler robot using wheels as pseudo-tracks: model complexity vs performance” (Authors: Moskvin I., Lavrenov R., Magid E., Svinin M.). This work is dedicated to ensure the correct simulation of the number of virtual wheels of the Servosila Engineer crawler robot in the Ros / Gazebo virtual environment to achieve a high level of physical similarity between the robot and the supporting surface. The article will be indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science databases.

Source of information: Laboratory of Intelligent robotic systems