31 January 2020
Final conference of the Department of Romano-Germanic Philology

On January 30, 2020, within the framework of the program of the final scientific conference of the academic staff members of the Department of Romance and Germanic Philology of Leo Tolstoy Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication named "Intellectual technologies of text management”, the workshop devoted to the topic: "Analysis of an electronic corpus of English and Spanish texts" was held.

In the reports, the participants of the conference discussed topical issues and problems of linguistics and highlighted the results of the scientific research. The research area was considerable and relevant including various questions of modern linguistics such as the application of mind maps in the language learning process as an effective method of text interpretation, the study of the concept of multimodality and the analysis of multimodal texts, the processing of words using Sketchengine program in the compiling dictionaries, the methods of teaching writing, the use of sentiment analysis in texts, the implementation of the strategy of focusing students' attention in the Spanish-speaking songs, the usage of scientific approaches to the translation of phraseological units in different contexts.

After the presentations, there was a discussion relating to the significance of the foreign languages in the linguistic landscape of Kazan, the implementation of new methods in language learning, etc. During the discussion, the speakers answered the risen questions and provided the evidence from their current research to confirm their findings. At the last stage of the section, the most promising research areas were identified for further development.


Source of information: assistant Liliya Sirazova, Department of Romance and Germanic Philology