12 June 2020
1st article in 2020

Article: Halloysite / keratin nanocomposite for human hair photoprotection coating

Authors: Giuseppe Cavallaro, Stefana Milioto, Svetlana A Konnova, Gölnur Fakhrullina, Farida Akhatova, Giuseppe Lazzara, Rawil F Fakhrullin, Yuri Lvov

Magazine: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Publisher: American Chemical Society

The authors of the article offer a new treatment of human hair with an aqueous mixture of keratin and nanotubes made of natural clay. The loaded nanotubes of the halloysite mineral together with free keratin form a micrometer-thick protective coating on the hair. The presented strategy is promising for the formation of a stable coating on the hair, which protects the hair from ultraviolet radiation.